Welcome to Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) of Mecosta County

We are Mecosta County’s only animal shelter. ARC is a group of concerned animal lovers that got together in 2011 with the hopes of improving the lives of dogs and cats of Mecosta County.

Our  building houses both dogs and cats.  We have two out-door exercise areas for dogs.  There are two open areas for the cats which provide a more stress-free environment.  Our volunteers spend lots of time with each animal to keep them as happy and comfortable as possible so that they will be ready to be adopted.


  • Cat litter, especially recycled paper pellets
  • Purina Cat Chow
  • Pellet cat litter
  • nylabones
  • soft dog treats
  • Purina dog and puppy chow
  • Purina kitten chow
  • cat treats
  • The only dog toys we use are nylabones and tennis balls, please